Timeless Corsets

What started as a fashionable piece of clothing in the Victorian era has managed to stand the test to time and make its way to every woman’s wardrobe; the corset is a timeless and great way to add an old world charm and class to one’s lingerie and look sultry and sexy at the same time. Once used only in the court rooms and royal banquets; corsets have now evolved to the sexier version. Though the inverted V shape and rib cage like boning have remained the same, the once used thick and coarse linen material and whalebone boning has given way to more jazzed up versions. Old Corset Pattern3

Lingerie corsets are all about showing the perfect hour glass figure; a full bust and a slim waist. Whether worn with a pair of net stockings and sexy thongs, or a small, barely there frill panty, a corset shows the wearer in her perfect form; free from all bulge and curvy at all the right places. Costume lingerie like cage girl, hunter woman etc., with one piece corset style lingerie costume is a sure fire way to implement one’s fantasy the corset style.

When it’s about buying lingerie corset, various corset styles have hit the market. Victorian style lace corset, tartan pattern school girl corset sets, white bridal corsets with a garter etc. Corset with hip fins and peplums, are also a trending style. For the daring, there are leather and metallic/wet look corsets; to up the sex appeal even higher, there are cup less/open bust corsets.

Mesh, net, lace and satin are generally the fabrics used. For maximum impact, a beautiful corset with perfect fitting and crisscross lace pattern or a zipper at the back or front, worn with suspenders and stockings will set the pulse racing. Whether it’s an overbust corset or an underbust corset, corsets can be paired with existing pieces of sexy lingerie like panties, thongs, ruffled miniskirts and shorts to up the ante. Bridal corsets can be very fun and flirtatious way to end the wedding day. Beautiful white/beige corset with matching frill skirt; perfectly accessorised with a white lace or net veil is what dream wedding lingerie is made of.

Wedding Corset (Fashioncorset.net) The corset essentially accentuates the waist and pops the bust to create a near-perfect figure elusion. But to emphasize the hips and make them look fuller, panniers are attached to the corsets; the derriere looks full and well-rounded and sways like a feather.

Though often confused with corsets, bustier is yet another lingerie item that shows the perfect body contours. A bustier is a smaller version of the corset; without the boning, it’s quite a bit flexible and a little more bra-like. A corset may or may not cover the hips; but a bustier is more like an extended bra and doesn’t cover the hips. Sexy sequin bustier with sequin boy shorts, lace bustier with satin panty or lace up bustier with stockings and pure lace underwear are very sexy. To further add to the sultriness of the bustier, coordinated gloves, fish net stockings and suspenders can be picked. Jacquards corset/bustier lingerie is for those who want to make racy addition to the regal and old world charm of corsets and bustier.

When it comes to wearing corsets and bustier there are no fixed rules for style, colour, pattern or fabric, except for the sensuous and snug fit. One can opt for baroque style opulence, burlesque like appearance or a pristine bridal corsets; corsets and bustier have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. For lingerie is all about class, oomph, mystic and sex appeal; which all come together in a beautiful harmony in what is known as a corset!